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Workshop Testimonials

“The online Graphic Memoir workshop was a transformative experience for me. It was the perfect combination of in-depth theory, intense drawing and priceless tips about all phases of the creative process. I left with a much better sense of what making comics is and can be, and the potential for my work in that context. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about embracing or including comics in their practice.”

— Cris, Milwaukee, WI

“Fantastic Class. Paul is a comics luminary and a great teacher. He will help you with your goals no matter what they may be. Highest recommendation.”

– Workshop Student

“This workshop, the admin staff, the instructors, and the students, were one of my best learning experiences! Action-packed, well-paced, comfortable and so much to learn and share with others!”

– Aishwarya, India

“I learned more in a five day workshop than I have in other, full semester classes!”

– Guillermo