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Noah Van Sciver Named CCS Ten Year Anniversary Fellow


The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) is proud to announce its 2015-16 fellow, Noah Van Sciver. Noah is an accomplished cartoonist whose work has appeared in Mad magazine, The Best American Comics, The Believer, Wired, Vice and The Stranger, as well as countless graphic anthologies. Van Sciver has four graphic novels: The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln, Youth Is Wasted, Saint Cole and Fante Bukowski: Struggling Writer.

Currently living in Denver, Van Sciver is “…looking forward to coming to White River Junction this fall, meeting and working with this year’s students and finishing my book on Johnny Appleseed.”

This is the tenth year of CCS’s fellowship program. To support their work, fellows are provided studio space, a full access pass to CCS’s programing, production lab, and Schulz Library as well as afforded teaching opportunities.

CCS’s current fellow is Sophie Yanow; past fellows include Nicole Georges, Connor Willumsen, Julie Delporte, Blaise Larmee, David Libens, Max de Radigues, Alec Longstreth, Chris Wright, T. Edward Bak, Gabby Schulz, and Robyn Chapman.

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