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The Ladybroad Ledger: A new comics newspaper featuring female creators from Vermont


Stephanie Zuppo (′15) and Rachel Lindsay are the driving force behind The Ladybroad Ledger, a free comics newspaper featuring female comics creators from Vermont. The first issue of the newspaper (12 pages) is now being distributed at schools, libraries, and businesses throughout Vermont. Their plan is to put out an issue twice a year. This issue of the black-and-white paper features comics by Rachel Lindsay, Julianna Brazil, Laura Martin (′17), Sandy Bartholomew (′17), Bridget Comeau (′15), Susan Norton, Angela Boyle (′16 – yes, that is me), Kelly Swann (′16), Michelle Sayles, Iona Fox (′15), and Stephanie herself, along with a cover color and short interview with Glynnis Fawkes.

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Jeff Danziger’s The Conscience of a Cartoonist Now Available!


The Conscience of a Cartoonist is Jeff Danziger’s tour of instruction and exemplification of the political cartooning art, based on the years following the 9/11 attacks in New York City. The tragedy that day, and the politically disorganized response that followed, are documented by Danziger in his “smart, witty (often hilarious) comic nightmares,” as Jules Feiffer has described them. Danziger cartoons and commentary make a case of how satire and its graphic equivalent, cartooning, can be both a scold and a guide in years of continuing crisis. This coffee-table book is also his exegesis on the art of editorial cartooning. Click here to order a copy of this limited edition book online today!


Listen to VPR’s interview with Jeff about The Conscience of a Cartoonist and a recent film documentary on political cartooning.

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Vermont Public Radio talks with Vermont’s Cartoonist Laureate

Listen to the interview with Vermont’s first cartoonist laureate, James Kochalka, on

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