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CCS schedule and exhibitors at Small Press Expo 2019

Here is a line up for CCS at SPX 2019!:

The Small Press Expo (SPX) is coming up on September 14 -15, and there are plenty of ways to see The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) grads while you are there! CCS will be present at table W28 with copies of This Is What Democracy Looks Like.

As part of the tour for This Is What Democracy Looks Like, Dan Nott ′18 (Table A7) will be on the Graphic Advocacy panel with Archie Bongiovanni (A Quick & Easy Guide To They/Them Pronouns), Box Brown (Cannabis), and Matt Bors (The Nib). Hallie Jay Pope will be the moderator. The group will discuss using comics as a powerful tool in sharing a particular mission and point of view.

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