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CCS graduates to exhibit and present at MICE expo in Cambridge

MICE, the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, is coming up on October 19 and 20 in Cambridge, MA. A perennial favorite, MICE is showcase space for artists and writers in the greater-Boston area working in the field of comics. The show is free and open to the public of all ages. And you can find lots of CCS grads and instructors tabling and in various workshops throughout the weekend.

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Ladybroad Ledger, Issue 4

It’s been a while… but issue #4 is here! Keep an eye out for them in the wild this month. In the meantime, you can download a digital copy here: Sign up to receive future issues by mail here:...

Issue 4 of Ladybroad Ledger was released earlier this year in April. They were strewn about Vermont for free, but if you can’t find a copy now, don’t worry. You can still get a digital copy on Gumroad. And if you never want to worry about missing an issue, you can sign up for their project-based Patreon. For $2 per issue, you will get a copy mailed to you in your own home so you never have to wander the streets of Vermont hunting for a copy. The fifth issue is coming in winter 2019, so you have some time to sign up.

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CCS at Pulp Culture Comic Arts Festival

Pulp Culture Comic Arts Fest and Symposium

The Pulp Culture Comic Arts Festival and Symposium is coming up at the end of October. CCS faculty Jason Lutes (Berlin, Drawn and Quarterly, 2018) presented the pre-conference keynote address on September 27. And another CCS faculty, Stephen R. Bissette, provided the excellent Sasquatch illustration for their poster.

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Non-Fiction Comics Mini-Fest in Vermont

Tyrant, Issue 1, page 3, by Stephen R. Bissette

The Non-Fiction Comics Mini-Fest is back on Saturday, June 16, 2018 at the Vermont Folklife Center in Middlebury, Vermont. Plenty of folks from The Center for Cartoon Studies will be there: Sandy Bartholomew ′17, Iona Fox ’15, and Stephanie Zuppo ’15 are all going to be there tabling.

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Alum Spotlight: Reilly Hadden’s Astral Birth Canal

Astral Birth Canal cover by Reilly Hadden

Reilly Hadden ′15 is a stay-at-home father and the hard-working cartoonist behind Astral Birth Canal. The 2-year project (and continuing) is a collection of short and longer stories by Reilly that started as part of his thesis project here at The Center for Cartoon Studies. He currently funds his comic work through Patreon, releasing a mini comic every month from eight to sixteen pages. He also posts Patreon-only comics. Reilly did the following interview with Angela Boyle ′16.

Can you define the overarching mythos of the Astral Birth Canal universe?

Astral Birth Canal is a cosmic fantasy comic about gods and monsters and bird people and children in peril. It’s also an ongoing mini-comic anthology where I can make whatever types of comics that I would like, depending on how I’m feeling at any moment. For example, the stories range from giant space gods discussing creationist concepts, to kids dealing with scary monsters, to the current story about a woman who lives in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, who is a pro wrestler and works at Trader Joe’s. So it’s not really a “universe” more like a multiverse, I guess. And in the stories, the “astral birth canal” is a literal road between dimensions/universes/whatever.

Astral Birth Canal page by Reilly Hadden

There are also some side-series that are exclusive to my subscribers on Patreon (wink wink). One is called Finch Island about a middle aged dad on a mid-life crisis nature retreat that’s co-written by my dad (director and playwright John Hadden).

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Alum Spotlight: teaching in higher education

Because The Center for Cartoon Studies offers an MFA to those students who already have a bachelor’s degree (you might be surprised how many of those are Bachelor’s of Science), graduates pursue higher education including teaching at Stanford University, California College of the Arts, and the Animation Workshop,

Stephanie Zuppo ’15 (Belchville) is teaching at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. In the Division of Communication and Creative Media, their classes have included digital painting. They originally got their BFA in Illustration and Design at Moore College of Art and Design. They also teach a wide variety of workshops at Generator Makerspace in Burlington, including bookbinding and teen cartooning. Stephanie’s main comics project right now is running Ladybroad Ledger, which just started a Patreon for subscriptions out of state. Stephanie also is the founder of Conosaurus.

Champlain College faculty/staff interior headshots/portraits, August 17th, 2017

Cole Closser ′13 (Black Rat) is teaching at Missouri State University in the Art and Design Department, where he also received his BFA. His classes include Graphic Narrative, Introduction to Computer Graphic Design, and Illustration.

Cole Closser, teaching portrait at Missouri State University

Beth Hetland ’11 (Half Asleep) teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Her classes range across departments, in the Writing Program,

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Alum Draw Sasha Velour

Uglina and Lump by Laurel Lynn Leake.

It was bound to happen. Take a visual extravaganza like RuPaul’s Drag Race and combine it with the visual output of alum from The Center for Cartoon Studies, and of course you will get amazing drawings of Sasha Velour, Season 9 winner, by alum.

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Vermont Pulp Culture Comic Arts Festival and Symposium Features Faculty Jason Lutes, Sophie Yanow, and recent Alum

Keynote presentations by Art Spiegelman (October 19), Joe Sacco (October 20) and Alison Bechdel (October 21), and a day-long event at the Fleming Museum on October 21 featuring panel discussions and over 40 cartoonists from New England and Quebec.

Presenters include The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) faculty Jason Lutes and Sophie Yanow, along with alum Iona Fox. Alum Bridget Comeau, Iona Fox, and Stephanie Zuppo will have work on exhibit.

October 19, 20 and 21, 2017

Keynote presentations by Art Spiegelman (October 19), Joe Sacco (October 20) and Alison Bechdel (October 21), and a day-long event at the Fleming Museum on October 21 featuring panel discussions and over 40 cartoonists from New England and Quebec. Presented by the University of Vermont and the Vermont Folklife Center.

Sponsored by Burack Distinguished Lecture Series, Fleming Museum, German and Russian Department, Carolyn and Leonard Miller Center for Holocaust Studies, Jewish Studies Program, Mollie Ruprecht Fund for Visiting Artists, Vermont Humanities Council, UVM Humanities Center,UVM Marsh Professor-at-Large Program, and The Center for Cartoon Studies.

For more information, visit:

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Alum Spotlight: Stephanie Zuppo

Stephanie Zuppo (′15) is a hardworking cartoonist who has wholeheartedly accepted her role as a Vermont cartoonist. She has an obvious passion for comics that you can see in all of her various and sundry projects.

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Ladybroad Ledger, Release Issue #2

The Ladybroad Ledger, Issue #1

This week was the launch of the GoFundMe to print Issue #2 of The Ladybroad Ledger—an anthology newspaper of femme alt cartoonists from Vermont run by Stephanie Zuppo (′15). Issue #1 was released earlier this year and issue #2 is coming out this summer. It is a twice-yearly publication that we all hope to look forward to for a long time.

Join us for a comic reading event at The Center for Cartoon Studies to celebrate the release of The Ladybroad Ledger Issue #2! This event will be taking place on July 29th from 5 – 8pm in CCS’ Post Office building. Follow us on Facebook for more updates on this event and to RSVP.

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