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Andrew Arnold’s ’07 Harper Alley has launched!

Andrew Arnold ’07 has been hard at work on launching HarperAlley. This collaborative, creator-focused publisher creates graphic novels for kids and teens that connect with readers of all ages. Andrew is the founder and editorial director of this HarperCollins’s graphic novel imprint. In addition to his history as editor at First Second, he is an author-illustrator and co-creator of the award-winning Adventures in Cartooning series . And he has a picture book What’s the Matter, Marlo? coming out from Roaring Brook Press.

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SCULLION by Jarad Greene ’17

Scullion: A Dishwasher’s Guide to Mistaken Identity by Jarad Greene ’17 released with Oni Press! Scullion was Jarad’s thesis project while attending The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) MFA program. In celebrity-obsessed Timberwood Village, the great warrior Riqa is an icon who’s about to throw the wedding of the century, and local teens Darlis and Mae are just two humble dishwashers. Until, that is, Riqa mysteriously disappears and an unsuspecting Darlis is mistaken for her! It seems like an honest mistake, until he realizes that these two troll siblings want to capture and hold him for ransom, with Mae getting caught in the mix-up. To get out of this predicament, these dishwashers will have to get their hands a little dirty. Armed with only their wits and Riqa’s book, The Fair Maiden’s Guide to Eating Your Captor for Breakfast, can Darlis and Mae give their captors a run for their money?

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Interview with Jarad Greene ′17 on is his Debut Graphic Novel Scullion

Cover of Scullion by Jarad Greene

Jarad Greene ’17 is releasing his debut graphic novel Scullion: A Dishwasher’s Guide to Mistaken Identity with Oni Press. “As quirky and fresh as a D&D campaign with your best friends.” – Ashley Poston, author of Geekerella.

Scullion was Jarad’s MFA thesis project at The Center for Cartoon Studies. He recently gave the following interview with Angela Boyle ’16.

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Graduate Spotlight: Chief Creative Officer Adam Staffaroni ′07

Adam Staffaroni

Adam Staffaroni ′07 can proudly draw a unicorn in 5 seconds flat. Leading up to this illustrious skill, he started his career in the licensing department at DC Comics, then helped launch the Kaboom! imprint at Boom! Studios. After a stint at Lion Forge (who is now publishing Jarad Greene’s ’17 Scullion), where he launched the Roar Comics imprint, he is now the co-founder & Chief Creative Officer of Einhorn’s Epic Productions, a multi-platform content studio.

Adam is co-creator and executive producer of Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery and The Curie Society. Lethal Lit is a scripted podcast series about Tig Torres, a teen detective investigating the infamous “Lit Killer” murders in her hometown, Hollow Falls. The Curie Society is an original graphic novel about a team of young, female scientists who join a secret organization originally founded by Marie Curie.

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Graduate Spotlight: Jarad Greene ′17

Cover of Memories of a Former Porcelain Doll

Jarad Greene ’17 just sold his first graphic novel, Scullion! So a big congratulations on your graphic novel debut, Jarad. He is the administrative and development coordinator at The Center for Cartoon Studies. In 2017, he was selected to represent CCS on the judging panel for the Cartoonist Studio Prize, which selected Eleanor Davis for Libby’s Dad (Retrofit and Big Planet Comics) and Christina Tran for “On Beauty.” His mini-comic Memories of a Former Porcelain Doll won a 2017 MICE mini-grant. He recently did the following interview with Angela Boyle ′16.

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New Book Releases from CCS Grads

In the next year or so, a strong group of CCS alums are releasing books into the wild. Congratulations to Lucy Knisley ′09 (Kid Gloves, First Second, 2019) , Laura Terry ′10 (Graveyard Shakes, Graphix, 2017), JP Coovert ′08 (illustrator for Charlie Joe Jackson series), Tillie Walden ′16 (Spinning, First Second, 2017), and Jarad Greene ′17!

You Are New cover

Lucy Knisley ′09—You Are New (Chronicle Books, March 2019)
A world of being new is waiting for little ones and the grown-ups who love them in this warm and funny book perfect for baby showers. From napping to crying, cuddling to playing, this book introduces the world with humor, honesty, and unmitigated sweetness. Award-winning author and artist Lucy Knisley celebrates the joys of having—and being!—a baby in this timeless celebration of new beginnings and the transformative power of love.

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