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“Rust Belt Review” from Sean Knickerbocker ’12

In response to the changing comics scene, Sean Knickerbocker ’12 has been putting together Rust Belt Review, a quarterly comics anthology that includes both serialized and short fiction comics. Volume 2, shipping on June 14, features comics from Will Dinski, Andrew Greenstone, Sean Knickerbocker, Asia Bey, Alex Nall, Evan Salazar, and Audra Stang. Volume 1 features Juan Fernandez ’14, M.S. Harkness, and Caleb Orecchio in addition to Andrew Greenstone, Sean Knickerbocker, and Audra Stang. Both comics are 9×12 inches, black and white. Volume 1 is 72 pages and volume 2 is 88 pages.

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