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Alum Lucy Knisley’s “Kid Gloves” Due February 2019

Cover of Kid Gloves by Lucy Knisley

Powerhouse Lucy Knisley ′09 is coming out with a new book in February 2019: Kid Gloves (First Second). If becoming and being pregnant weren’t hard enough, Lucy took the time to document the process. Publisher’s Weekly already got their hands on it.

The Chicago cartoonist intersperses each chronological step of her pregnancy with cleverly scathing facts about the history of obstetrics as well as the superstitions surrounding giving birth. Knisley shines in those segments, with her didactic narrative voice and clever cartooning solutions being well suited to the material.

To make it an immersive experience, Lucy also made a play list to go with the book. You can listen to it now on Spotify. You will be crooned to by the likes of Tim Minchin, The Mountain Goats, and Sara Bareilles. And that musical list will have to hold you off until her book tour starting February 24.

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