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Alec Longstreth’s Isle of Elsi on Kickstarter

Alec Longstreth, currently the outreach director at The Center for Cartoon Studies, is a comics workhorse. A stay at home father, he continues working on his Phase 7 series of mini-comics. He runs Phase 8, his new publishing house. And he has an ongoing webcomic, Isle of Elsi, which is currently on Kickstarter for the print book. The book collects the first three Isle of Elsi stories: The Dragon’s Librarian, A Menagerie of Messengers, and The Search for Spinoza. This kid’s comic is full of wordplay, from alliteration to puns to rhymes.

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Academic Outreach: Alec Longstreth

Alec Longstreth

Alec Longstreth has the strength and enthusiasm of ten cartoonists. He has a long history with The Center for Cartoon Studies, coming in as the second fellow, running summer workshops with Jon Chad, teaching Publication Workshop class with Jon Chad and then Professional Practices. Now he runs CCS’s outreach program. And for good reason. He is an amazing speaker.

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