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Next Up Visiting Artist: Gregory Benton


Gregory Benton cut his teeth on the political anthology World War 3, moving on to writing and drawing stories for Nickelodeon, Vertigo, DC Comics, and many more. Gregory also produced numerous limited-edition mini-comics, some of which reside in The Library of Congress’ rare books collection. His book B+F was awarded the inaugural Award of Excellence at MoCCAFest 2013. An expanded version of B+F was published in the autumn of 2013 through Adhouse Books (USA) and was translated into French. The long form edition of B+F was selected for the Society of Illustrators first Comics and Cartoon Art Annual in 2014.

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Next Up: R. Sikoryak and Kriota Willberg


R. Sikoryak is best known for his collection Masterpiece Comics. He was formerly an associate editor and contributor to RAW, the groundbreaking 1980s comic
anthology. He’s drawn for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Onion, Nickelodeon, The New Yorker, and other media titans. Sikoryak is also known for his “Carousel” series of multimedia comics slideshows, featuring cartoonists like Lauren Weinstein, Michael Kupperman, Jason Little, and himself, which have been presented in various venues in the United States and Canada.


Kriota Willberg writes, draws, needlepoints, and performs about body-oriented sciences. She teaches anatomy, pathology, drawing, and massage in a variety of colleges and studios around the country. Her blog, The Cinematologist examines medical themes through the lens of Hollywood films. Willberg/Dura Mater dance and film projects include the feature film, The Bentfootes and the short Sunscreen Serenade. Kriota has studied stage combat and worked as a researcher for a Hollywood screenwriter.

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