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Graduate Spotlight: Chief Creative Officer Adam Staffaroni ′07

Adam Staffaroni

Adam Staffaroni ′07 can proudly draw a unicorn in 5 seconds flat. Leading up to this illustrious skill, he started his career in the licensing department at DC Comics, then helped launch the Kaboom! imprint at Boom! Studios. After a stint at Lion Forge (who is now publishing Jarad Greene’s ’17 Scullion), where he launched the Roar Comics imprint, he is now the co-founder & Chief Creative Officer of Einhorn’s Epic Productions, a multi-platform content studio.

Adam is co-creator and executive producer of Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery and The Curie Society. Lethal Lit is a scripted podcast series about Tig Torres, a teen detective investigating the infamous “Lit Killer” murders in her hometown, Hollow Falls. The Curie Society is an original graphic novel about a team of young, female scientists who join a secret organization originally founded by Marie Curie.

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