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Upcoming Visiting Artist: Sammy Harkham

Kramers Ergot 10

Sammy Harkham is a cartoonist and editor based in Los Angeles. He has won numerous awards, including The Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Graphic Novel of the Year for his book Everything Together (PictureBox, 2012). He draws the highly acclaimed comic book series Crickets and edits the irregular anthology series Kramer’s Ergot.

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Visiting Artist: John Brodowski

John Brodowski grew up in an “utterly unremarkable” New England town. Unfortunately this is also where he currently lives. During his brain’s most crucial developmental period he enjoyed watching many, many horror movies such as Rawhead Rex,Death Race 2000, and The Toxic Avenger. He also enjoyed staying up very late and eating 10 packs of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. He is currently battling a Pepsi addiction but can’t seem to make comics without it. His Curio Cabinet series of short stories is known for its blend of suburban blandness and twisted, funny horror, and gained him a spot in the over-sizedKramer’s Ergot 7.

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