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Cartoon Club: Home Edition

Practice sheet for symbols and emanata (symbols indicating emotion)

Everyone is on the hunt for new ways to entertain their kids (and themselves) now that more places have stay-at-home orders. It’s a great time to work on comics! You can process the real world and explore your emotions in this situation, or you can escape the current difficulties by exploring and creating fictional worlds. From Daryl Seitchik ’18 (Exits, Koyama Press), who runs Cartoon Club with Dan Nott ’18 (Hidden Systems, coming from Random House Graphix), here are some activities that require only a pencil and paper:

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Interview: Daryl Seitchik ’17

Self-portrait of Daryl

Daryl Seitchik ‘ 18 is working on her second graphic novel, Follow the Doll. Her first graphic novel, Exits (Koyama Press) was in the top 20 graphic novels on Amazon for 2016 and was nominated for a 2017 Eisner Award for Best New Graphic Album. She gave the following interview with Angela Boyle ′16.

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Follow the Doll by Daryl Seitchik ′18

Daryl Seitchik ′18 brought issue 1 of their new comic Follow the Doll to the Comic Arts Brooklyn festival. It will be a painted graphic novel and is inspired by one of the most beloved Slavic folktales, “Vasilisa the Wise”—or “Vasilisa the Beautiful,” or simply, “Vasilisa.” Not an adaptation of the traditional tale, Daryl is attempting to “dig up, reveal, and bring to life the latent content in an old story rich with archetypal meanings.” Keep an eye on their store if they put issue 1 on sale!

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CCS Visiting Artist: Cathy G. Johnson

Cathy G. Johnson is a cartoonist, printmaker and arts educator. Her graphic novels include Jeremiah (One Percent Press), Gorgeous (Koyama Press) and The Breakaways (First Second). She has also published numerous smaller works with publishers such as Czap Books, Youth in Decline, and Silver Sprocket, as well as self-publishing. She is also a printmaker, regularly working in the feminist art collective studio, Dirt Palace, in Providence, RI.

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CCS grads at Comic Arts Brooklyn

Comics Art Brooklyn is on November 2 at the Pratt Activities Resource Center in Brooklyn. Not only can you go to talks by greats like Gary Panter (Songy of Paradise, Fantagraphics, 2017) and Charles Burns (Last Look, Pantheon Graphics, 2016), who will be talking about drawing as a way of thinking; or Chris Ware (Building Stories, Pantheon Graphics, 2012) in conversation with Francoise Mouly (publisher of Toon Books) and Art Spiegelman (Maus, Pantheon Graphics, 1986). You can these CCS students and grads exhibiting!:

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The Cartoonist Studio Prize: The Shortlists

The seventh annual award for best print and web comic of the year, from Slate and The Center for Cartoon Studies. Read the full story on!

Best Print Comic of the Year: 2018 Shortlist

Chlorine Gardens by Keiler Roberts. Koyama Press.
Girl Town by Carolyn Nowak. Top Shelf.
Passing for Human by Liana Finck. Random House.
Poochytown by Jim Woodring. Fantagraphics.
Space Academy 123 by Mickey Zacchilli. Koyama Press.
Tongues No. 2 by Anders Nilsen. No Miracles.
Why Art? by Eleanor Davis. Fantagraphics.
Windowpane by Joe Kessler. Breakdown.
Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures by Yvan Alagbé. New York Review Comics.
Young Frances by Hartley Lin. AdHouse.

Best Web Comic of the Year: 2018 Shortlist

“As Before, So Behind” by Ted Closson.
“Being an Artist and a Mother” by Lauren Weinstein.
Comics by Tara Booth.
The Girl Who Flew Away by M. Dean.
“Having a Role in Life” by Elísabet Rún, translated by Unnur Bjarnadóttir.
Nancy by Olivia Jaimes.
“Sylvia Plath’s Last Plan” by Summer Pierre.
This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow.
Three Comics by E.A. Bethea.
“A Trip to the Museum With Cartoonist John Porcellino” by Gabrielle Bell.

Congratulations to all!

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Young Adult comics at The Schulz Library

Young Adult is a booming genre. To keep things simple, in The Schulz Library we group YA and Middle Grade books. Either way, it is a popular section!

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CCS at Pulp Culture Comic Arts Festival

Pulp Culture Comic Arts Fest and Symposium

The Pulp Culture Comic Arts Festival and Symposium is coming up at the end of October. CCS faculty Jason Lutes (Berlin, Drawn and Quarterly, 2018) presented the pre-conference keynote address on September 27. And another CCS faculty, Stephen R. Bissette, provided the excellent Sasquatch illustration for their poster.

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CCS at the Ignatz Awards

Alum from CCS are making an appearance in the 2018 Ignatz Awards. Everyone who attends SPX can vote, so if you are going to be there, peruse and find your favorites. While you are there, you can also visit SPX special guests Jason Lutes (current CCS teacher) and Max de Radigues (previous CCS fellow).

Current student Kevin Reilly‘s Mothball 88 is up for Outstanding Minicomic. As Kevin describes it, “In the silk-empire of Bombyxia, the sport of Mothball has developed from generations-old sericultural practices into a high stakes ritual contest that tests the skill and grit of young athletes. The 88th Mothball Championship became one for the ages, but for reasons no spectator would imagine.” Kevin is providing copies of this 18-page story as a free digital download until September 14th, 2018. But a Risograph-printed physical version will be at SPX.

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Top Two at the Schulz Library

2017 top two books checked out from the Schulz LibraryIn the last 12 months, two books are sitting at the top of the heap at the Schulz Library as the most checked out: Kevin Czap’s Futchi Perf (Czap Books, 2017) and Sophia Foster-Dimino’s Sex Fantasy (Koyama Press, 2017). To help push them into first place, Czap is the current fellow at CCS (2017–2018).

Futchi Perf is about optimism and community. Perf’s (the title character) idealized future is full of tight and romantic friends, music, and a little bit of urban magic. The book collections a series of short comics set in the same background into a larger, deeper story.

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