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Katherine Roy ′10 is exploring space with her newest children’s book

Red Rover cover by Katherine Roy

Katherine Roy ′10 has dived the depths with Neighborhood Sharks and explored the savannah with How to Be an Elephant. Now she is exploring space with her newest children’s book, Red Rover. Written by Richard Ho, the new book is coming from Roaring Brook Press in October 2019. Katherine uses her skills in watercolor to bring life to the red planet, exploring Mars with the Curiosity rover.

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Alum Spotlight: Otis and Will drawn by Katherine Roy

Otis and Will cover by Barb Rosenstock and Katherine Roy

Otis and Will Discover the Deep is the newest book out by Katherine Roy ’10, written by Barb Rosenstock. Otis Barton and Will Beebe dove into the ocean in their own invention, the Bathysphere, on June 6, 1930. Up until these brave explorers and their hollow metal ball, no one had ever dived more than a few hundred feet (and come back). And it is coming out to rave reviews.

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Shark, meet Windows 10

Sharks, meet Windows 10. Pain 3D, meet sharks. Katherine Roy (’10), creator of Neighborhood Sharks (David Macaulay Studio, 2014) and How to Be an Elephant (David Macaulay Studio, 2017), is featured in the current Window’sPaint 3D campaign!

In Paint 3D, you can draw into videos, she Katherine made a super great white shark.

You can see her working on a Windows laptop in Paint 3D and with her references photos:

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Alum Katherine Roy on tour

How to be an Elephant by Katherine Roy

Katherine Roy’s (’10) latest book How to Be an Elephant is out and she is on tour. Traipsing through California in October, she is headed to Arizona and Oregon for November. Looks like she likes warm weather!

Katherine Roy in Kenya with an elephant

In Phoenix, Arizona, she has a couple events. She is signing at 2017 American Association of School Librarians (November 9–11) and on November 11, she is speaking on the “Connecting to STEM: Science Books for Kids” panel from 2–3.

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Alum Spotlight: Another Starred Review for Katherine Roy’s latest Elephant book

How to Be an Elephant from Katherine Roy (′10) in September 2017 and is getting starred reviews from Library Journal and more! In this children’s picture book, she explores the childhood of an African elephant. As with her previous book, Neighborhood Sharks, she did massive amounts of research. She even traveled to Kenya where she was able to talk to elephant experts and see real elephants in the wild.

First sharks, then elephants. How do you pick your topics?

The idea to do a book about great white sharks initially came from my editor, Simon Boughton. During our introductory meeting, I told him that I’d spent a season teaching environmental education aboard a schooner on the Puget Sound, and one year later he asked if I’d be interested in doing a book on great white sharks, given my love of marine biology. There was no contract at the outset—it was just a prompt—but I ran home and got to work on a rough draft of what would become Neighborhood Sharks, which Simon bought about six months later. After turning in the final art for Sharks, he asked me what I’d like to work on next, and I told him that I’d always been fascinated by the social proximity between humans and elephants. A few months later, he bought the rough draft for How to Be an Elephant. So my topics all come from my personal interests, and I’m thankful to have an editor who listens and trusts me to follow those interests. Of course, he’s said “no” to a number of other topics I’ve pitched him, but always for good reasons!

"With Flapping Ears" spread in How to Be an Elephant

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DartmouthX Digital Learning Iniative Teams Up With The Center for Cartoon Studies

ENGX Dartmouth and Cartoon Studies Team Up The DartmouthX Digital Learning Initiative teams up with the inventive The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) to use cartoons to convey engineering principles in its new edX course, The Engineering of Structures Around Us. When Dartmouth Professor Vicki May saw artwork by CCS graduate Katherine Roy, she knew the material would click into place like a keystone in an arch through the magic of words and pictures. Roy’s original drawings create a foundation throughout the six-week course, driving Professor May’s creative vision, and adding a distinct level of clarity and inquiry, and overall course visual engagement. We cannot wait to tell you more! You’ll see the world in a whole new light whether you are driving your car over a bridge to noticing the subtle and nuanced differences in downtown buildings.

This introductory course promises hands-on and interactive learning of structural engineering concepts. Learn how engineers design bridges and buildings in our communities and iconic structures around the world. The free online course starts May 5th and runs for 6 weeks, sign-up here:

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The Next Installment of The Expeditioners Series Releases!


Pick up a copy of CCS faculty S. S. Taylor (Illustrated by alum Katherine Roy!) The Expeditioners and the Secret of King Triton’s Lair the thrilling sequel to The Expeditioners and the Treasure of Drowned Man’s Canyon and the next installment in The Expeditioners series! Upcoming events:

For an up to date list of where S. S. Taylor and Katherine Roy will be appearing and signing, visit:

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“The Expeditioners” a Today Show top pick


What’s the best way to prevent the “brain drain” that can happen to kids over summer vacation? The Today Show says keep ’em reading– and highlights The Expeditioners by CCS faculty member Sarah Stewart Taylor (with illustrations by alumna Katherine Roy) as one of their top picks for engaging summer books.

Click here to see the full video segment.

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CCS at Dartmouth: 1953 Commons Dining Hall Mural

CCS mural team: Laura Terry (Class of 2010), Katherine Roy (’10), Jon Fine (’11) and Jen Vaughn (’10) and joined by Dartmouth students from the student organization DRAW headed up by Julie Fiveash.

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Campaign for governor comic dispatch on Slate

Honk and Wave
What it’s like campaigning for governor in Vermont: a dispatch in comics. By CCS director James Sturm and recent alumni Katherine Roy.

Read the comic dispatch on!

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