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Seattle: Short Run Comix + Arts Festival

Short Run 2019

Short Run is coming on November 9 in Seattle, WA, and despite being on the opposite coast from The Center for Cartoon Studies, you can find some CCS grads with their comics. With a focus on comics, Short Run includes all sorts of self-publishers and small press. Free to the public!

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CCS grads up for Small Press Expo Ignatz Awards!

In just a few weeks, Small Press Expo will be opening its doors for another year in Bethesda, Maryland. One of the largest small press comic shows in North America, it is also host to one the Ignatz Awards. Though the shortlists are juried, the final votes come from attendees at SPX. We wish the best of luck to Lucy Knisley ′09, Julie Delporte (Fellow), Eleri Harris ′14, and Alec Longstreth (Instructor)! Also, this year’s SPX illustration is by Tillie Walden ′16! SPX takes place on September 14-15.

Cover of Kid Gloves by Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley ′09 is up for Outstanding Artist on Kid Gloves (First Second). This memoir explores Lucy’s troubles with getting and staying pregnant. Kid Gloves is also up for Book of the Year at the Harvey Awards.

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Alec Longstreth’s Isle of Elsi on Kickstarter

Alec Longstreth, currently the outreach director at The Center for Cartoon Studies, is a comics workhorse. A stay at home father, he continues working on his Phase 7 series of mini-comics. He runs Phase 8, his new publishing house. And he has an ongoing webcomic, Isle of Elsi, which is currently on Kickstarter for the print book. The book collects the first three Isle of Elsi stories: The Dragon’s Librarian, A Menagerie of Messengers, and The Search for Spinoza. This kid’s comic is full of wordplay, from alliteration to puns to rhymes.

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CCS at Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo

DiNK, the Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo, coming around again, on April 13–14. This year, you will find summer faculty Alec Longstreth (DINK Guest!) along with Anna Sellheim ’16, Melanie Gillman ′12, and Bridget Comeau ′15 (2-19 Dink Fellowship). Stop by table 307 to meet Alec and learn more about our MFA and Certificate program.

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