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Alum Melissa Mendes’s new issue of The Weight

Cover of The Weight, Number 6, by Melissa Mendes

A new issue of The Weight, No. 6, by Melissa Mendes (’10) is out through Radiator Comics. The comics is inspired by a short autobiography that her grandfather John Albert Ridgeway wrote at the end of his life, chronicling a long life of hard work. The comic focuses on Edie, a young girl born during depression-era, rural New York State.

Melissa publishes the comic online, two pages, a week. But she also publishes it in print, which you can subscribe to on her Patreon. Each black-and-white issue is between 15 and 40 pages long, with this latest issue at 24 pages.

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Melissa Mendes (CCS ′10) wins a Xeric

Congratulations to CCS Alum Melissa Mendes for winning the Xeric self-publishing grant award for her stories about Freddy.

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