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One-Week Cartooning Workout

FREE Online Self-Directed Course Designed by Alec Longstreth and James Sturm

Are you an aspiring cartoonist and need some help getting started? Have you been a cartoonist for a while, but need a refresher regimen to get you back into a creative groove? Whether you are interested in graphic memoir, comics journalism, or fantasy genres, this seven-day self-directed course is designed to help build your cartooning muscles.

If you post your work online, make sure to use the hashtag #CCS1WeekWorkout and #CCSHowTo so that other workout students can check out your work!

Start up at any time for the CCS One-Week Cartooning Workout! This course is self-directed. It begins with you starting Day 1!

Coni Yovaniniz

“I really looked forward to the daily emails with all sorts of tips and inspiration from other cartoonists. Looking through the tag on Twitter to see other people’s work was a lot of fun too”

Tags: Featured Workshop