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Comic Books Lead To Literacy

How We Read cover


White River Junction, Vermont, December 8, 2021 – For many, learning to read can be a struggle. What are the five keys to learning? How does the brain learn to sound out written words? Why was writing even invented? What are the benefits of reading? How do comics support literacy? The Center for Cartoon Studies’ most recent applied cartooning comic book, How We Read: A Graphic Guide to Literacy is a charming, playful, and fascinating 32-page comic that answers these questions and more.

How We Read: A Graphic Guide to Literacy was written and drawn by The Center for Cartoon Studies graduate Daryl Seitchik, a cartoonist and teacher currently living in Vermont. She has taught comics workshops for children, teens, and adults throughout New England and has enjoyed expanding her reach through virtual classes on Zoom.

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Parsifal Press with Dan Nott ’18 and Daryl Seitchik ’18

CCS alumni Dan Nott ’18 and Daryl Seitchik ’18 have joined together to form Parsifal Press. With a focus on minicomics and other special objects, they are preparing to reprint some of their old favorites as well as new work. Their first collection of work is for sale, Parsifal Parcel #1, in part thanks to a Koyama Provides grant.

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Cartoon Club: Home Edition

Practice sheet for symbols and emanata (symbols indicating emotion)

Everyone is on the hunt for new ways to entertain their kids (and themselves) now that more places have stay-at-home orders. It’s a great time to work on comics! You can process the real world and explore your emotions in this situation, or you can escape the current difficulties by exploring and creating fictional worlds. From Daryl Seitchik ’18 (Exits, Koyama Press), who runs Cartoon Club with Dan Nott ’18 (Hidden Systems, coming from Random House Graphix), here are some activities that require only a pencil and paper:

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Follow the Doll by Daryl Seitchik ′18

Daryl Seitchik ′18 brought issue 1 of their new comic Follow the Doll to the Comic Arts Brooklyn festival. It will be a painted graphic novel and is inspired by one of the most beloved Slavic folktales, “Vasilisa the Wise”—or “Vasilisa the Beautiful,” or simply, “Vasilisa.” Not an adaptation of the traditional tale, Daryl is attempting to “dig up, reveal, and bring to life the latent content in an old story rich with archetypal meanings.” Keep an eye on their store if they put issue 1 on sale!

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CCS grads at Comic Arts Brooklyn

Comics Art Brooklyn is on November 2 at the Pratt Activities Resource Center in Brooklyn. Not only can you go to talks by greats like Gary Panter (Songy of Paradise, Fantagraphics, 2017) and Charles Burns (Last Look, Pantheon Graphics, 2016), who will be talking about drawing as a way of thinking; or Chris Ware (Building Stories, Pantheon Graphics, 2012) in conversation with Francoise Mouly (publisher of Toon Books) and Art Spiegelman (Maus, Pantheon Graphics, 1986). You can these CCS students and grads exhibiting!:

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CCS at Pulp Culture Comic Arts Festival

Pulp Culture Comic Arts Fest and Symposium

The Pulp Culture Comic Arts Festival and Symposium is coming up at the end of October. CCS faculty Jason Lutes (Berlin, Drawn and Quarterly, 2018) presented the pre-conference keynote address on September 27. And another CCS faculty, Stephen R. Bissette, provided the excellent Sasquatch illustration for their poster.

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A Cartoonist Veteran Project: A Whole Lifetime of Firsts anthology

Every woman who has served in the military has a whole lifetime of firsts to share. This anthology spans half a century, beginning with the Cold War and ending with the War on Terror. It contains love at first sight, witnessing death for the first time, realizing you may be losing a loved one, and finding community.

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The Center for Cartoon Studies in the Eisners, 2017!

On a Sunbeam, Exists, Blammo 9, and Ape and Armadillo covers

The 2017 Eisner nominees have been announced, and we have some excellent folks from The Center for Cartoon Studies in there.

On a Sunbeam, by Tillie Walden (′16) is up for Best Digital Comic.

Exits, by Daryl Seitchik (′18) through Koyama, is up for Best Graphic Album, New.

Ape and Armadillo Take Over the World, by James Sturm (CCS cofounder) through Toon Books, is up for Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 8).

Blammo #9, by Noah Van Sciver (′15-′16 fellow) through Kilgore Books, is up for Best Single Issue / One Shot.

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Congratulations The Center for Cartoon Studies Eisner Nominees!

Congratulations to all the Eisner Award Nominees, including The Center for Cartoon Studies Daryl Seitchik ′18, Tillie Walden ′16, and co-founder James Sturm:

Best Graphic Album—New
by Daryl Seitchik ′18 (Koyama Press)

Best Digital Comic
On a Sunbeam
by Tillie Walden ′16

Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 8), Ape and Armadillo Take Over the World
by James Sturm (Toon Books)

For the complete list of nominees, visit:

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