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Alum Spotlight: Carl Antonowicz

Carl Antonowicz self portrait

Carl Antonowicz ′11 is, as he puts it, a “ferret enthusiast and ink-spattered eldritch sea beast.” He is currently working on a live comic, Büer’s Kiss. He sells his mini comics in his own shop as well as at Quimbys (Chicago, IL), and Left Bank Books (Hanover, NH). He did the following interview with Angela Boyle ′16.

Büer’s Kiss, page 1

Who was your thesis advisor and why did you choose them?

My thesis advisor was the great Guy Davis, creator of The Marquis (Darkhorse, 2009) and artist on Sandman Mystery Theatre (Vertigo, 1995) as well as a significant chunk of BPRD (Darkhorse, 2003). Guy works primarily as a creature designer now, having provided beasties for a bunch of Guillermo del Toro films.

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