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American Bande Dessinée Society to Attend ICAF

The American Bande Dessinée Society (ABDS) is dedicated to the scholarly study of French-language comics (bandes dessinées), which have a long and distinguished history. They are increasingly being translated into English and published in the United States: older works by cartoonists such as Goscinny and Uderzo (Astérix), Hergé (Tintin) and Morris (Lucky Luke), but also more recent comics by Abouet, Appollodorus, Berberian, David B., Dupuy, Larcenet, Oubrerie, Satrapi, Sfar, Stassen and Trondheim.

Members of the ABDS have received great support and inspiration from The International Comic Arts Forum (ICAF) over the years. ABDS members are honored to be invited by the ICAF organizing committee to this year’s commemorative conference, and grateful for the opportunity to discuss French-language comics, among other topics, with the other conference participants in Vermont. ABDS membership is open to scholars interested in the study of French-language comics. For more information, please contact Mark McKinney.

For more information on the fall 2011 ICAF conference at The Center for Cartoon Studies, visit:

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