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Seattle: Short Run Comix + Arts Festival

Short Run 2019

Short Run is coming on November 9 in Seattle, WA, and despite being on the opposite coast from The Center for Cartoon Studies, you can find some CCS grads with their comics. With a focus on comics, Short Run includes all sorts of self-publishers and small press. Free to the public!

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CCS at Short Run

Short Run 2018 poster

If you are going to be in the Seattle area, Short Run is coming up on November 3, and CCS has a table with Alec Longstreth, creator of Phase 7. From 1–3, he will be doing portfolio reviews. And all day someone will be there to answer questions you might have about attending the school. No need to RSVP, just swing by with your stuff.

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Alum Spotlight: Ross Wood Studlar

Ross Wood Studlar self portrait with komodo dragons

Ross Wood Studlar ’07 became a fan of both Spider-Man and Ranger Rick when he was four. Today he still draws comics and is a park ranger at national parks. He did the following interview with Angela Boyle ’16.

Who was your thesis advisor and why did you choose them?

Stephen R. Bissette because his comics work, like mine, primarily features wild animals and monsters.

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The Berlin Project

Jason Lutes and his new collection of Berlin originals from peers and students.

This fall, the third and final volume of Jason Lutes’s epic Berlin trilogy is being released (through Drawn and Quarterly). It is a big accomplishment and rightly deserves some hearty congratulations. To celebrate, Jason’s coworker and fellow CCS teacher Luke Howard ′13 pulled together a super secret project where over of Jason’s peers and students drew their own version of more than the first 6 chapters of Berlin. Keep an eye out online—lots of contributors (159!) have been posting their work, which is especially interesting when they include the original page.

Page by Aaron Cockle ′08, creator of Annotated and Word and Voice

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Kickstarter Spotlight: Awesome ‘Possum Volume 4

Awesome 'Possum 4

Angela Boyle ′16 (that’s me) edits, curates, etc. etc. the natural science comic anthology Awesome ‘Possum. Volume 4, with 34 creators, is currently live on Kickstarter. Through Awesome ‘Possum, artists share their love of nature and science. And many CCS folks are taking part in sharing this love.

Tillie Walden ′16 did the inks for the cover, which Angela has colored. And Jon Chad, Publication Workshop teacher at CCS, contributed an inspiring introduction essay. And Angela Boyle talks all about figs, from our myths to the 850 species of Ficus.

From “Fantastic Ficus, Full of Figs” by Angela Boyle

Hedj ′17 shows herbivores eating meat. They used a lovely framework, actors on a children’s show including talking animals, to frame the conversation between the show star and her deer costar, Deirdre.

From “The Casual Carnivore” by Hedj

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