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Best American Comics Notable: A Thousand Times by Kevin Reilly ′18

A Thousand Times by Kevin Reilly ′18 (Secret Acres) was selected as a Best American Comics notable. As Rob Clough describes it on High-Low: “It’s the story of a horse that keeps running and running, trying to find its girdle. It’s another example of Reilly creating a world with its own dream logic that inexorably leads to a horrific end.”

Kevin Reilly is the creator of Mothball 88, which was nominated for Outstanding Minicomic at the 2018 Ignatz Award. Available Now at Secret Acres!

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Best American Comics Notable: Montebank by D.W. ′12

Montebank by D.W. ′12 (Fantagraphics) was included in Best American Comics notables. Mountebank is a systematized sketchbook that tracks the inner workings of an obsessive brain, a book that could only be described as “psychedoolic.” Both meditative and hypnotic, D.W. invites you to get lost alongside anthropomorphic creatures crawling through grid paper labyrinths and in his own brand of whirling dervish mark-making.

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In Stores Now! Maker Comics: Draw a Comic by JP Coovert ′08

Maker Comics: Draw a Comic! by JP Coovert ′08 released on October 22. The next book in the Marker Comic series, the ultimate DIY guides, you will find illustrated instructions for seven comic book projects! The International Comics Library is in a lot of trouble! If Maggie can’t come up with $500,000 in a week, Dr. Carl is going to bulldoze her grandfather’s library and turn it into a parking lot. To save the day, she’ll need all her comic drawing skills, the loyal library watchdog, and her new assistant (that’s you).

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