Sophie Goldstein’s ′13 New Comics, An Embarrassment of Witches

March 4, 2019

Page 1 from An Embarrassment of Witches

Sophie Goldstein ′13 (The Oven) is serializing her next project, An Embarrassment of Witches with Jen Jordan, on Patreon. You might recognize this team from their award-winning Darwin Carmichael Is Going to Hell. She has already posted 59 pages, so you have a nice chunk to get started with. The final collection will be published in winter 2019 by Top Shelf Productions.

New pages are posted every Tuesday and Friday. As an added bonus, you will get to see the thumb-nailed script, pencils, and inks, so the creative process is very transparent. You can read pages at $3+ per month. But at $5+ you get the comic pages for each month collected into a PDF with all the finished pages and process art, with some exclusive behind-the-scenes notes. Sign up at

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