Secret Acres at The Schulz Library

November 24, 2018

Fatal Faux-Pas cover

Secret Acres is a micro publisher and small distributor. Over the years, they have published three CCS alum: Samuel Gaskin ’07, Joseph Lambert ’08, and Sean Ford ’08. If you need a fix of Secret Acres books, The Schulz library can help you out.

Fatal Faux-Pas by Samuel Gaskin: Collection of gags and stories riffing on pop culture

I Will Bite You! by Joseph Lambert: Collection of lively stories

Only Skin by Sean Ford: Grim exploration of the tragic landscape of modern rural America

Page from Curio Cabinet by John Brodowski

Curio Cabinet by John Brodowski: Collection of wordless comics set in a mysterious, treacherous wood at night

Capacity by Theo Ellsworth: Visualizing a mind turned inside out

Wormdye by Eamon Espey: Collection of interwoven tales about the anxiety of modern life

Spread from Gaylord Phoenix by Edie Fake

Gaylord Phoenix by Edie Fake: Fake’s debut graphic novel, following a creature willing to sacrifice anything for love and self-knowledge into a violent and unexpected path

PS Comics by Minty Lewis: Collection of stories where large pieces of fruit and talking animals struggle with the general problems of human life

Monsters by Ken Dahl (aka, Gabby Schulz): Part fiction, part fact, this mature-readers-only tale explores the physical and emotional traumas of an STD.

Page from Get Over It by Corrine Mucha

Get Over It by Corinne Mucha: An exploration of the strange behaviors of a broken heart

The Understanding Monster, Book One, by Theo Ellsworth: An explosion of color depicting his personal experience

Palefire by M. K. Reed and Farel Dalrymple: A firebug hated by everyone except a young woman who is no longer a girl but not yet an adult.

Page from Palefire by M. K. Reed and Farel Dalrymple

Space, an Eschew Collection by Robert Segel: Collection of the first three issues, a look at life’s little moments when usually no one is looking

Sick by Gabby Schulz: A look into the glaring, sweaty eyes of the national healthcare system

Page from Sick by Gabby Schulz

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