Non-Fiction Comics Mini-Fest in Vermont

May 25, 2018

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Tyrant, Issue 1, page 3, by Stephen R. Bissette

The Non-Fiction Comics Mini-Fest is back on Saturday, June 16, 2018 at the Vermont Folklife Center in Middlebury, Vermont. Plenty of folks from The Center for Cartoon Studies will be there: Sandy Bartholomew ′17, Iona Fox ’15, and Stephanie Zuppo ’15 are all going to be there tabling.

Tyrant by Stephen R. Bissette

Stephen R. Bissette, teacher at CCS and creator of Tyrant, is going to present “The Paleo Path” about how prehistoric life has been presented in comics. With all the new research being done on dinosaurs with new technology, we have realized how wrong our classic dinosaur look. “This overview surveys four-color dinosaurs of fact and wild fiction in comic strips, comic books, and graphic novels, illustrated with ample archival art and eye candy!”

Berlin by Jason Lutes

Jason Lutes, another teacher at CCS and creator of Berlin, is going to discuss historical fiction. He recently completed his trilogy Berlin about the final years of the Weimar Republic and the Nazi rise to power, following the fictional tale of a wide cast of characters. Jason will discuss the interplay of fiction and non-fiction in Berlin with Isaac Cates, UVM English lecturer.

It is free to go, so keep June 16 free. Go learn from all the amazing cartoonists that will be at the Vermont Folklife Center.

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