Next Up Visiting Artist: D. W.

September 27, 2017

D. W. was born and grew up in New Jersey and has lived in Philadelphia, Vermont, San Francisco, and Seattle. He earned his MFA from The Center for Cartoon Studies in 2012 and, alongside his CCS ′12 classmates Andy Warner and Dakota McFadzean, is a founder and editor of the comics and art anthology Irene. He is the co-creator of self-published jam zines with Kevin Uehlein and Mark Connery, and has contributed to publications in North America, Australia, and Lebanon. His first book, Mountebank, was published by Fantagraphics in 2017. He spends his free time memorizing poetry and oratory, learning about the Civil War, and volunteering as an adult literacy tutor.

Tags: Andy Warner, Cartoon Studies, Dakota McFadzean, DW, Fantagraphics, IRENE, Kevin Uehlein, Mark Connery, Mountebank