Cartoon Studies New Summer Workshop: Animation for Cartoonists with Scott Dikkers

May 9, 2011

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Animation is a natural outgrowth of cartooning, but the skill set, tools and tricks of the trade are very different. A faculty of experienced and award-winning animators and animation producers will guide students through the fundamentals of 2D animation: designing characters that can move and act, creating compelling sound design, pacing the action, and structuring stories & gags. Students will work hands-on in every facet of the process, and each student will complete his or her own short animated scene. We’ll explore the history of animation from its humble beginnings to the current state of the animation industry today. Students will emerge with a rich understanding of how to make an animated film, and the skills to get started. The workshop runs August 15-19, led by faculty Scott Dikkers, founding editor of The Onion, and Jennifer Shiman (30-Second Bunnies Theatre). For more info and to register…

This workshop is sponsored by the Will and Ann Eisner Family Foundation, Technology Initiative. Supporting the advancement of education, technology, and innovation for cartoonists.

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