New comic teaching teens about sustainability by Angela Boyle ’16

Angela Boyle ’16 wrote Maker Comics: Live Sustainably, a graphic novel with art by Les McClaine for First Second’s Maker Comics series. Coming in April 2022, eight projects get teens and tweens started down the path of living green. You’ll watch as Isaac learns about sustainability from Aurora at his local community garden. Not only will you learn about what sustainability is and why it’s important, but you will also get step-by-step instructions for projects to help you get started living a greener life: beeswax food wrappers, a bee garden, a worm farm, a cute to-go cutlery pack, and so much more.

Angela is the force behind the Awesome ‘Possum series, a natural science comic anthology. Her most recent book is Threadbare Memories, a young adult sci-fi about a girl who lives with her father and only toy robots for company.

McClaine is the Eisner-nominated has illustrated numerous comics, including Tune: Still Life, Head Games: The Graphic Novel (which Angela, funnily enough, was the book designer for), and Old Souls, all from First Second. He is also the author of Johnny Crossbones.

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