New Book: “Took” with Art by Jen Vaughn ’10

Coming March 1, 2022, from Clarion Books, Took is an adaptation of Mary Downing Hahn’s ghost story. The middle-grade book is adapted by Scott Petersen, drawn by Jen Vaughn ’10, and colored by Hank Jones. When skeptical Daniel’s sister disappears, he might start believing the tales of the evil witch and her terrifying beast told at the bus stop while waiting to go to school.

Jen Vaughn has created video game art for the likes of Nicki Minaj: The Empire and Plants vs. Zombies. She does the D20 Dames podcast with her friends, with three seasons of the group playing Dungeons and Dragons. You can play her 3–4 hour adventure The Experiments of Dr. Skulldial, from Dungeon Masters Guild.

Cover of The Experiments of Dr. Skulldial by Jen Vaughn

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