New Book: Frankie Comics by Rachel Dukes ’13

Frankie Comics by Rachel Dukes ’13 is now available from Oni Press! This book collects the popular web series Frankie Comics. When they discover a kitten asleep in their doorway, real-life artist couple Rachel and Mike immediately fall prey to her charms and she is soon the new queen of their home.

  • “From sleepy snuggles to sassily stealing people food, Frankie is always lovable with her expressive face and oversized eyes.”—Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Frankie Comics:

  • “This book beautifully defines why cats are so much fun to be around and bring so much joy into their humans’ lives.”—Louis Skye on Women Write about Comics
  • “I initially only meant to read a couple of pages to check before I read it properly for the review but ended up reading it all due to it being so engaging.”—Tim Chuma on Impulse Gamer

Previously, Rachel released The Wizerd and the Potion of Dreams with writer and co-artist Michael Sweater and No Gods. No Dungeon Master (Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club). She has also worked on Adventure Time Comics and Steven Universe through KaBOOM! / Boom Studios. In 2018, she was in the anthology BOTTOMS UP! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom, which won a DiNKy Award for Best Anthology. In 2013, Frankie Comics #1 won third place in for the Art Exchange Program Grant.

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Read Frankie Comics, and visit their site to find more of her work:

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