Luke Healy’s ′14 Americana Guardian’s Book of Year

December 1, 2019

Cover of Americana by Luke Healy

Americana by Luke Healy ′14 is in The Guardian’s list of Best Comics of 2019. The list includes comic greats like Chris Ware’s Rusty Brown (Pantheon), an epic tale about a single day at a Nebraska school in the mid-1970s; and Jaime Hernandez’s Is This How You See Me? (Fantagraphics), focusing on how the time has molded Maggie and Hopey into complex, middle-aged women from young LA punks.

…a lovely account of how a fascination for the US led an unfit twentysomething to try to walk 2,660 miles.

James Smart on Americana

Reviews of Americana:

  • Americana is as epic as the hike he took. At over 300 pages with the mixed narrative presentations, there’s a lot packed in there, both high emotion and calm rumination.”—John Seven on Comics Beat
  • “Healy is able to remind us not just from one page to the next but from one moment to another how complicated it is to have a relationship with America, in all its vastness and complexity.”—Leonard Piece on The Comics Journal
  • “While I very much enjoyed taking in the changing landscapes, the towns, the trails, I think for me Americana shines most when Luke is describing and depicting his interactions with other people.”—Joe Goron on Down the Tubes
Page 18 from Americana by Luke Healy

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