Hire Student + Alum

Want to hire a CCS student or alum? The Center for Carton Studies (CCS) will post your job or project description on our online message board, accessible to CCS students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Please note, The Center for Cartoon Studies will not post spec work. For more info, visit: https://www.aiga.org/resources/aiga-position-on-spec-work

  • Please provide a brief description and scope of the project below.

    Project Description: What kind of project is this? What kind of work do you need done on it?
    Scope: How big is this project? How many illustrations are you looking for?
  • What is the due date for this project?
  • For information on compensation and standards, refer to the industry Graphic Artist Guild Handbook: graphicartistsguild.org

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this process work? Will you match me up with the right student/alum for my project?
Once we receive your job description we will post it on the school message board. It is then up to any interested students and alumni to get in touch with you directly.

What if multiple people get in contact with me? How can I choose the right person for my project?
It is standard practice for artists to provide you with a link to their online portfolio or e-mail you a pdf of their portfolio. However, asking potential artists to produce original pages or drawings of your characters/concept as a part of the interview process without compensation is generally frowned upon.

I’ve never hired an artist before. How do I know how much to pay them?
Compensation can vary based on the scope of the project and the experience of the artist.

For industry standard guidelines the best resource is the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. The Handbook is also a great resource for sample contracts that will provide legal protection for both you and your artist.

I think my project would be a great learning experience. Can a student get school credit for working on my project instead of payment?
While students do have to fulfill an internship requirement in order to graduate we generally only accept “volunteer” postings from non-profit or social services organizations.

Can you make my project a part of your school curriculum?
CCS faculty and administration craft the curriculum. Typically, the skills CCS is trying to impart in the time frame allotted does not allow for outside projects to be integrated into the curriculum.

Companies or organizations interested in a prospective partnership with The Center for Cartoon Studies?
Please contact studio@cartoonstudies.org

What if I still can’t find a student?
After the listing has been posted to the community it is up to students and alumni to decide if the job is of interest to them. While CCS can give no guarantee that this will result in a partnership for you, we are happy to help identify what elements to your job can be adjusted to increase response.