Comics and Medicine Conference: Keynote Addresses Open to Public

August 1, 2018

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The Comics and Medicine Medicine conference is in just a few days at The Center for Cartoon Studies, August 16–18. And though the conference is sold out, the keynote presentations are open to the public! Even if you can’t attend the rest of the sold out conference, grab a seat for this keynote addresses

The final keynote, Saturday (8/18) at 4pm, at Dartmouth College, Moore Hall, Filene Auditorium, David Macaulay (The Way Things Work Now) will discuss his history with graphic medicine. Macaulay is an award-winning author and illustrator and currently a Vermonter.

Page 1 from “Ghosts” by Whit Taylor

At 9am on Friday morning (August 17), Whit Taylor (creator of Ghost Stories) will be discussing how to reconcile the public and private sectors of health through cartooning. In Ghost Stories, Taylor tells three stories of haunting exploration. “Ghosts” is a tale of self-discovery and healing by “meeting” her dead idols. “Wallpaper” is about a child’s sense of loss during a move. And “Makers” is about two girls in an unorthodox relationship as they transition to adults.

At 5pm on Friday evening, Susan Squier will talk about how to collaborate so we can scale the size of graphic medicine. Squier is Brill Professor Emerita of Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies and English at Pennsylvania State University. She also helped create the Graphic Medicine Manifesto.

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