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March 3, 2010

Katherine Roy (CCS ′10) Receives Praise on We Love You So

We Love You So highlights art that influenced Spike Jonze’s feature film Where The Wild Things Are. Katherine Roy’s Caterpillar Tales recently made this prestigious list.

The only thing better than enthusiasm is enthusiasm + talent. Katherine Roy is an exemplar of both— a cartooning machine whose Caterpillar Tales celebrates the adventures and struggles of its namesake hero.”

Minis Monday:
Samuel Gaskin (CCS ′07)
The Comics Journal

by Rich Kreiner

“ Any superficial distractions, anything that might artificially divert or manipulate is neglected. This is bare-boned reportage of certain emotions and, alternatively, the haunting vacuum of the absence of others. In allowing a place for self-pity and stupidity and confusion without frills or buffers, Gaskin lets the material speak for itself.”