Alum Spotlight: Sasha Velour

August 19, 2018

Photo by Maddellyn Hatter

Sasha Velour ′13, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, is keeping busy. In June she did an interview with Darren Perron for WCAX, a Burlington, Vermont, station. They talk about winning the crown, eating disorders, losing her mom to cancer, and how she credits The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) for launching her career. She also spoke with Jeremy Hobson from NPR’s Here and Now a few weeks after her crowning.

If you missed Sasha’s appearances around the world in July (Australia; Manila, the Philippines; Singapore; and Berlin, Germany), you can still watch her anthology of short films celebrating drag in many forms: One Dollar Drags. They are releasing over the course of 2018, so keep an eye out for me. The first, “Pirate Jenny,” was released on May 3.

Though her books are selling out, you can still snag a copy of Velour #3: Sister and Vanya Velour’s Drag Race Look Book. (Vanya is Sasha’s beautiful dog, who you can also get as a pin!)

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