Alum Kickstarter: Laurel Holden’s Spiderella

October 1, 2017

Spiderella books

As part of their theses, Laurel Holden (’13) and Romey Petite (′13) started their work on Spiderella. Written by Romey and illustrated by Laurel, Spiderella is an illustrated middle-grade novel for kids 7–10. The story celebrates girls’ independence, ingenuity, and intelligence. 6 years in the making and clocking in at over 200 pages, Book One, Spiderella: The Girl Who Spoke with Spiders, is now being funded on Kickstarter until October 31, 2017.

Page from Spiderella by Laurel Holden

With inspiration from the classic tale of Cinderalla, the main character, Eleanor, is trapped in an attic and forced to work without pay by her boss, Minerva. Eleanor has to create magnificent gowns for a birthday ball, and she just might do it with the help of spiders and magic.

With levels named after the various characters, you can get the book or the ebook. At $30, “The Valued Apprentice” will get you the paperback, the ebook, and the bookmarks. But the are other interesting levels, too: At $85, “Lords and Ladies” will also get a plush pillow set featuring characters in their plain clothes and their ball costumes.

Page of Spiderella by Laurel Holden

Post by Angela Boyle (′16).

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