Alum Draw Sasha Velour

September 28, 2017

Uglina and Lump by Laurel Lynn Leake.

It was bound to happen. Take a visual extravaganza like RuPaul’s Drag Race and combine it with the visual output of alum from The Center for Cartoon Studies, and of course you will get amazing drawings of Sasha Velour, Season 9 winner, by alum.

Laurel Lynn Leake (′13) is the creator of Poly Morphous and Deep Forest.

Sasha Velour by Laurel Lynn Leake

Sasha Velour by Laurel Lynn Leake

Sophie Goldstein (′13) is the creator of The Oven (AdHouse Books, 2015) and House of Women (Fantagraphics, October 2017). She found some drawings from her sketchbook when Sasha would dress up for Drag Race viewing parties for Season 4.

Sasha Velour by Sophie Goldstein

Sasha Velour by Sophie Goldstein

Stephanie Zuppo (′15) has drawn a fierce, red Sasha. Stephanie is the creator of Belchville, VT, and cofounder of Conosaurus, the website for planning your attendance to comic conventions.

Sasha Velour by Stephanie Zuppo

If you have drawn Sasha Velour in all her glory, share a link!

(post by Angela Boyle)

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