Chuck Forsman ′08 Gets Second TV Show

December 17, 2018

I Am Not Okay With This by Charles Forsman ′08

Chuck Forsman ′08 is still making comics despite finding fame with his stories through TV series. His comic The End of the F***ing World was adapted by Jonathan Entwistle for British television and has since been nominated for numerous awards and was a winner of the the British Screenwriters’ Award. Now Entwistle is adapting Chuck’s mini comic I Am Not Okay with This for Netflix.

I Am Not Okay with This is about a freshman in high school. Her life is full of the ordinary high school stuff, but she keeps her secrets in her diary. These secrets include blossoming telekinetic powers. Originally published as a series of mini comics, Fantagraphics printed them as a collection in 2017.

Co-created by Entwistle and Christy Hall, the series is written by Hall and directed by Entwistle. He is teaming on the project with Shawn Levy, the director-executive producer of Netflix’s Stranger Things. With Entwistle bringing the experience of working on Chuck’s stories and Levy bringing the experience of supernatural coming-of-age stories, it is bound to be a great show.

If you can’t wait for the new show to start and have already binge-watched all of The End of the F***ing World on Netflix, you can read along as Chuck creates new comics on his Patreon.

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